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Cinnabar Valley Farms takes great pride in producing soils of superior quality that are made with all-natural and organic premium ingredients. Our commitment to quality starts with the careful selection of ingredients that are known for their optimal plant growth and health benefits. We are a family-run business that loves what we do, and we are passionate about continuing our tradition of excellence in farming for generations to come.

Our soils are produced at the same British Columbia location where we've been for over 50 years. We use sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices to protect the soil and preserve its natural nutrients. Our commitment to quality means that our soils are richer, which translates to healthier plants and higher yields. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting, our premium soils will help you grow the healthiest plants possible. Trust us to deliver consistent, reliable results for all your gardening needs, and experience the difference that our passion for gardening and commitment to excellence can make.




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